Getting There

My office is located at 117 S. California Ave. in Palo Alto. This address is at the north end of S. California, on the northeast corner of S. California and Park, a location that is a block south from the California Avenue train station and three blocks north of the intersection of S. California and El Camino Real.

To get to my office you will need to go through an arch with the words “PALO ALTO CENTRAL” immediately above it:

Once you get through the arch, go up the stairs which will be to your immediate left. The entrance to the stairs is indicated by the red arrow in the following picture:

After reaching the top of the stairs, continue bearing left until you come to a waiting room with my name among others on the door.
If you prefer, you can take an elevator rather than the stairs to the second floor where my office is located. The elevator is through the door immediately to right of the entrance to the stairs in the picture above.