Bioenergetic Analysis

Bioenergetic Analysis centers around the transitory and chronic impact of emotional and relational experience on the body. A major goal is to identify and address blocks to emotional vitality and psychological well-being that are manifested by chronic, unconscious tension or holding in various areas of the body. Breathing, grounding, movement, affective expression, and a wide variety of exercises that combine physical and psychological aspects are all part of the approach. Bioenergetics correlates various chronic body postures and states with psychological character types that emerge from formative experiences in childhood, tailoring the treatment accordingly. The therapy emphasizes moment-by-moment reading of the body by both therapist and client, resolution and insight arising from body work, and the integration of the work on the level of personal meaning, all in the context of a safe and caring relationship between therapist and client. The goal is to bring about a deeper, truer sense of self, enhanced self-expression, and a greater capacity for healthy pleasure.